HOW TO GET THE COOLEST GUITAR GIFT EVEN IF YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT GUITARS!*Adrian%20Curran%20Guitar%20Geetar%20Box*jpeg?alt=media&token=620a08fc-e5f1-46bd-af19-6aa9fb909528

Stuck for a gift idea for your guitar playing loved one?  Impress with this Perfect Guitar Gift Box that ROCKS with Thoughtfulness, Originality And Creativity.


Christmas and Birthday gift ideas can be a nightmare for the guitarist in your life !

If you are the kind of person who wants to buy the best gift for your family and friends  (It’s true! We all want to be seen as thoughtful, creative and considerate when it comes to buying gifts).

If you have ever asked: "what would you like for your birthday/Christmas?" and the reply always is "well I love music and guitar""

Truth is that can present a problem!  

Have you said to yourself:

"I have no clue about guitars"

- I know nothing about guitars 
- There’s too much choice 
- It’s too expensive 

If you don't want to be lazy, boring and uninspired and buy the same old thing - a hoodie, jeans or beauty products)

What about  cool, exciting guitar gift box?

"Geetar Box saved my present buying life!!!!"*Adrian%20Curran%20Guitar%20Geetar%20Box%20Mum*jpeg?alt=media&token=f1e5b458-3436-4481-aac8-d1d7488ca43d
"I seen the Geetar Box and thought it looked perfect (again I don't know anything about all of this)

But it was the reaction when the Geetar Box was opened!

It's True! It has made me made into a Gift Buying Superstar!"

What is the Geetar Box?

It’s a cool gift box for the guitarist in your life! 

They get the essential guitar accessories that all guitarist’s need and want in a super, cool gift box.

 What’s in the box? 
✔️ Spare Guitar Strings
✔️ Guitar Tuner 
✔️ Guitar picks
✔️ Guitar Capo 
✔️ Fun, novelty guitar bits - we got a guitar bottle opener, chord stamper, pick holders….
✔️and much, much more! 

There's a QR Code in the box itself which you scan to learn how to properly use the guitar stuff with instructional videos.

There is also bonus guitar lessons to learn new guitar techniques!
Local artist Jacqueline Rooney got a Geetar Box for her guitar playing Dad!*6750283F-4F1D-457D-9D72-3F30E3059E1D*jpeg?alt=media&token=f84e9538-cb42-4d98-83ed-071916a269ca

Who is the Geetar Box for?*30C67144-41CB-4F1F-BD75-158D6F36D624*jpeg?alt=media&token=f1e77882-7d2f-4470-9201-bb84fac44b12
Quite simply anyone who has a guitar - from the seasoned pro to the absolute beginner! 

In fact, we really want to help out a new guitar player get the best out of the Geetar box with the bonuses that come with it - free online videos on how to use the stuff and free guitar lessons packed in too (see below) 

This is a gift for the more seasoned player too! 

You might be saying to yourself 

“He’s already going to have all this stuff?” 

But guitarists are always losing things, setting things down at their backside and yelling “has anyone seen my Guitar Tuner?” 

It’s true, we always need spare strings, guitar picks and all the guitar accessories that come in the Geetar Box!*Geetar%20Box%20Happy*jpeg?alt=media&token=6464a498-b499-45b4-9a3e-6c977a2af33f

Store your Guitar Stuff and easily find it!

The Geetar Box is a cool storage place to keep all this guitar stuff in one place - no more guitar picks lost in the sofa or wash machine - store them in the Geetar Box.

The Geetar Box is fully recyclable but you won't even need to worry about having to do that!

Keep it for Good!

This sturdy little black box can be kept and used over and over again to store your guitar accessories - pick, tuner, capo and more.*Geetar%20Box%20%20the%20perfect%20gift%20for%20a%20guitarist%20fun*jpeg?alt=media&token=87c27e06-e3e7-47d0-b8b5-e6b3ef556bfe

Check out the Geetar Box

What a Guitarist Needs? 

If you have no idea what the guitarist in your life needs (clue: it’s all in the Geetar Box, all in one place).

A guitarist (playing on a stage or in a bedroom) always needs: 
🎸Spare strings 
🎸A guitar tuner 
🎸Guitar picks 
🎸A guitar cleaner 
🎸A Capo 
🎸A Chord Writer 
🎸Help on how to do guitar things! 

The Geetar Box will help protect and keep safe the guitar accessories. 

When things are looked after and secure, they last longer.

The Geetar Box has the guitar “stuff” he NEEDS - tuner, guitar picks, guitar cleaner and so much more - and helping him LEARN - bonus guitar online videos (SEE BELOW) to learn how to use the guitar accessories and some killer guitar lessons for all levels of guitarist. 

It's True! 
It's such a cool guitar gift box!

You can grab the Geetar Box today for £39.99 (There’s nearly £100 worth of stuff in the Geetar Box!!!!).

So why are you getting this great deal?

It’s our mission to spread the love of guitar and help guitar players with this fun, novel gift box at this as a gift from you to your guitar playing loved one.

One more thing…Get the Secret Code!

Online Bonuses -The Geetar Box combines the physical with the virtual world!

The Geetar Box video series will show how to use all the guitar tools in your gift box.

The Geetar Box is a toolkit, novelty box and a guitar learning resource all-in-one! 

You are getting a some cool guitar gadgets, novelty bits, guitar essentials (spare strings and a guitar tuner - who doesn't always need these!)

In the Geetar Box, you will find a QR code > scan with your phone > brought directly through to your bonus online guitar videos!

SCAN THE QR CODE TO LEARN GUITAR! (The secret code is in the box!)

Cool video lessons to help you use the stuff in the Geetar Box: 
🔴 How to use a tuner 
🔴 Simply the best way to hold your pick 
🔴 How to use this guitar cleaner wonder tool! 
🔴 Stamp your way to guitar chord heaven! 
🔴 My Guitar fretboard sat nav system! 
🔴 The guitar scale ALL the rock gods use!
- Learn this absolute classic rock riff!

(Grab this bonus worth £85 in private one to one guitar tuition.)

Click the button below to buy today👇👇👇


As the present buyer, the pressure is off you! 

Choosing the Geetar Box transforms you into the most thoughtful, creative, inventive person ever!! 

Just watch as your significant guitarist other will smile and beam: 

“Oh a Geetar box, that’s cool where did you get this?”

(they thought they were getting socks….again) 

This time it is guitar related, with the “all you need” Geetar Box!

The effect is immediate - you are smiling and they are smiling. 

Actually! There's more! My Book Gift to You when you buy a Geetar Box!*Guitar%20Cables%20Northern%20Ireland%20*jpg?alt=media&token=466fc236-a8b1-496e-963c-5030512fd39b
My Book - Cables, Amps, Effects - Getting Started - is a simple beginner's guide to guitar cables, amps and effects of you are new to the world of electric guitar!

You get a free digital copy as a thank you for buying a Geetar Box!

🤣Oh There is jokes in here (Yes! Seriously)

Think of it like a Guitar Christmas Cracker - we have stuck in a dodgy guitar joke in here for you to find!


Well everyone needs a laugh and the Geetar Box is all about fun! (Just don't groan too much when you read it) Just share yours on Instagram with the hashtag #geetarbox 🤣🤣🤣 when you read it!

So who's idea was the Geetar Box anyway...

I’m Adrian Curran, a performing guitarist and guitar teacher, who came up with the Geetar Box. 

I love getting presents (who doesn’t) 

I love getting guitar related presents! 

But for years all my family and friends struggled to buy guitar stuff for me, why?: 

🎸 I’m fussy 
🎸My wife knows nothing about guitars 
🎸There’s too much choice 
🎸It’s too expensive 

So even though they all wanted to buy me a cool, exciting guitar gift, it never really worked out. 

If you have ever felt like this with no idea about guitars and what your husband/boyfriend etc would love… 

I’m here to help with the Geetar Box

I decided to do something about this as a guitarist and lover of gifts!

This is your fix to becoming a GIFT GIVING ROCKSTAR!
Geetar Box - What you get List!
1. Cool Black Gift Box
2. Guitar Strings
3. Guitar Tuner
4. Guitar Picks
5. Guitar Capo
6. Guitar Pick Holder
7. Chord Stamper
8. String Cleaner
6. Guitar Novelty Item 
7. Online Video Series
    - How to use a Guitar Tuner
    - How to hold your Guitar Pick
    - How to clean your guitar strings
    - How to use a Guitar Chord Stamper
    - Guitar Fretboard "Sat Nav"
    - The Rock God Guitar Scale
8. Free Book on getting started with Guitar cables , amps and effects